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Walks around La Salle.

Each of these walks are easily achievable in a day trip, you should wear boots with decent soles as the going is often rough, carry water a waterproof and some food, make sure you leave early enough in the day and carry map and phone.

The walks are recorded in no particular order and I try define start point arrival point and an approximate time scale please refer to a detailed map for the actual route. I am not a mountain guide these are walks I have enjoyed with walking friends, no climbing is involved. I have done all these walks over the years, but things change so check carefully on up to date maps.

Col Fetita 2557 from Challancin 936 metre climb 5-6 hours return

The col is not visible from the flat or the start point but it is NNE from the flat. Drive up the road from La Salle to Challancin at 1641 metres and leave the car where the road is closed 100 metres after the village. There is a country road which turns into a track which winds its way up toLes Ors at 21000. The track is easy to follow there is just two junctions one to the right which goes to Arpilles from which you go up to col de Bard and another on the left which takes you down to Planeval. After the Les Ors farm follow the track to Tramail des Ors a high cow shed and just before the cow shed there is a diagonal path going up and to the right above the way you have just come follow that up to the col through the fields. It follows a water course the first part of the way so may be damp. Return is by the sameroute. It will take about 6 hours.

It is possible to take a right hand (from below)narrow path just below the col towards the east (narrrow and a bit scary) then once the ridge is arrived at follow the ridge to Col de Bard and then go down to Arpilles and back to Challancin. When you arrive down visit the hotel Col de Bard for a beer. It is also a very traditional place to eat with one of the best traditional “mama” chefs in the valley.


Col de Bard/court de Bard 2179 558 metre climb 3.5-4 hours return

The best picnic spot in the area. Start at Challancin, leaving the car where the road is closed off 100 metres after the village. Take the farm track up to the first right hand turn and take that as far as Visailles. After taking some water from the fountain continue up the track to col de Bard from here there is a long wide ridge meadow to the right (South which takes you to Court de Bard from which there is a great view up and down the valley d'Aosta to Morgex and Courmayeur and towards St Nicolas


Villair La Salle 890 to Challancin 1621 700 metres 4 hours return

A great walk to include lunch at Challancin either at Cold de Bard or the agroturismo Cadran Solaire.

Leave the flat and go up hill to the junction in the road and turn left then turn right by the church up a narrow road going straight through the centre of Echarlod. At the highest point of the road there is a right hand path up to La Fenetre private village and a left hand path to La Salle, take the right hand path, it is steep, it skirts la Fenetre to the right and when you get to the road the path continues on the other side of the road to the left. Follow winding path until you meet and cross the road again just below Charvaz, continue on the path to Charvaz and enter the village. The path exits the villageabove the village to the right and after a short distance a steep path leads straight up the middle through the fields on the left. At a certain point the path will lead you to the left to the dense trees. At this point drop down the path 50 metres and there is a path which leads down through the trees and brings you to Challancin.

After a rest go to the little church in Challancin and about 30 metres down the road after the church there is a narrow path off to the left. Follow this down as it cris-crosses the road down to Ecours, at the church take the small path below it which will lead you back to Echarlod and home.


Col Serena 2544 from Planeval 1750 794 metres 4-4.5 hours. 750 metres

Drive up to Planeval traditional restaurant where it is also possible to buy local cheese. Take the path out on the left of the valley so do not cross the river. Follow track up to just before the alpeggio (cow shed) Rantin. Here take a right diagonal path which takes you rapidly up. There is one junction where you take the left hand path and follow it all the way up to col Serena. From Col Serena there are good views towards Grand St Bernard Pass. It is always windy on the col.


Lake and col Licony 2670 from Villair de Morgex 975. 8-9 hours 1176 metres

Leave the car near the river and follow the gravel road up many twists and turns until you reach Licony 1876 metres. The village is built mostly underground to protect the buildings from avalanches, there is an interesting church built into the rock. Follow the narrow path up to the lake and the col from which you will be able to see the grand Jorasses,Dente de Gigante and Mont Blanc. Return by the same route. (It is also possible to go to Licony from Planeval, leave car there then cross the river and turn left, follow this path which is narrow after the initial track, it crosses the strem which comes down from col battaglione d'aosta (hope bridge is OK) then leads down to join trck to Licone.


Col de la Croix 2379 from Col San Carlo 1971 via lago D'Arpy. 4420 metres

Drive up from Morgex to Col San Carlo and leave the car there follow the wide track off to the left to lago D'Arpy, one of the most fantastic picnic spots in the Alps that certain days of the year is populated by 100s of people. Pass to the right of the lake until a junction take the right indicated to col de la Croix. Col of Crosses and follow it up to the old fortifications and crosses above La Thuile and with views over col piccolo St Bernard pass.

If you take the left after the lake you can get up to a second lake lago del pietre rossa 2559, this walk will require some scrambling but the lake is spectacular.


Lago Tillac from Chabodey 1165m total walk 875mt

Drive to Chabodey via Pont La Salle. The follow the road up to the sign forbidding motor traffic. Leave the car there and follow the track up, after 100 metres on the left there is a path to the left (it is better as the main track has some traffic and you will eat dust!). The path leads you through the woods to rejoin the road at Lazei near a small church. Thereis an agriturismo here 100 metres down track to left. For walk take the track which goes up to the left of the church and follow that until you cross the river on a decent bridge continue on track until a left hand narrow path through the woods indicated for lago tillac. Follow this track through the trees to Tillac. Afterwards follow main track down to rejoin main track near Dailley then left and walk back to Lazei, (perhaps a drink in La Roueige agriturismo.


Refuge Deffeyes via Ruitor waterfalls la Joux 1594 to refuge 2494 900 metres

Drive to la Thuile and pass the ski lift and drive to La Joux, parking gets full so arrive early. The path is clearly marked to the cascate (waterfalls), there are 3 major waterfalls to pass. Follow the signs to the Refuge, where lunch is possible looking up over the glacier to Ruitor. Return by the same path.


For Courmayeur walks go to the information office in Piazza Monte Bianco.

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